Sport Achievement !

1750 miles / 3000 km. Alaska - North Pole - Spitsbergen. No assistance and no engine


A unique adventure!

The Artic Ocean remains the last ocean that hasnÕt been crossed with a sail boat. It has been circumnavigated but not crossed over the North Pole. In 2018, the expedition leader Sˇbastien Roubinet, crew members Eric Andrˇ and Vincent Colliard will attempt to sail with no assistance from the Alaskan coast to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard and over the highest point of the planet.
Six years of preparation and two previous attempts were necessary for this ambitious challenge to take place again next June. The three man team will progress aboard a homemade catamaran mounted on skies, able to sail both on the water and on the ice. The wind and the energy of Sebastien, Eric and Vincent will be the only power to move forward. This daring project is technologically a huge gamble. It is also an extreme sport achievement. Physically and mentally, the team will be pushed to their final boundaries.


The hulls of the prototype catamaran are made of innegra and basalt, two different innovative materials.
A new system has been developed to produce electricity aboard the boat.


Through the entire length of the expedition, the crew will sample ice for future water analyzations and measure its thickness

and human !

The team will be composed of polar sailor Sebastien Roubinet, outdoor enthusiast Eric Andre and polar explorer Vincent Colliard.

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