A unique adventure!

The last ocean never to have been crossed to sail. The first sailboat at the North Pole.
Six years of preparation and two attempts for this ambitious challenge. Sébastien, Eric and Vincent leave on three to advance the prototype of the pole, hybrid catamaran/char-to-ice, able to ´ evolve on the ´ water and on the ice pack. With the only assistance, that of the wind... Daring technological gamble, a sport and a human challenge requiring a mental and a physical to any test.

sports !

1750 miles or 3000 km. Alaska-North Pole-Spitsbergen. Unattended and without motor



Innovative materials-carbon, innegra and basalt
Development of an innovative system to create electricity innovative design of a new prototype


Single observation platform, the catamaran will provide first-choice data

and human !

Teamwork on three. Three men complicit and complementary.

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