Sébastien Roubinet

2115/16 - Wintering on the East Coast of Greenland
2011 et 2013 - Two attempts to cross the Arctic Ocean. First attempt 45 jours and second attempt 2 months
2007 - Crossing the North West Passage, sailing aboard ÒBaboucheÓ (no engine), 4 months, 5000 nautical miles
2006 - Sailing trip in QuŽbec aboard ÒBaboucheÓ, 2.5 months, 2700 nautical miles
2004- Expedition along the East coast of Greenland aboard "Tara"
2001 - Sailing journey Denmark, Sweden and Norway, 2 months, 2000 nautical miles


Eric André

2007 - North West Passage sailing expedition, one of crew member aboard "Babouche", from Nome to Cambridge Bay
2002 - Cycling across Alaska
2001 - Cycling across Madagascar
1998-2000 - Cycling in the Middle East (Palestinian Territories, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Syria)
1996-1997 - Cycling around Iceland and Ireland on a bike



Vincent Colliard

2017 - Last degree ski expedition guide to the North Pole
2015/17 -Skiing across the 3 largest icecaps of Alaska
2014 - Co-founder of the Icelegacy project - crossing the 20 largest icecaps on the planet - together with Borge Ousland

2010 - Sailing through the North West passage aboard Northern Passage, a 31 feet trimaran
2009 - Mountaineering as a second during an attempt to open a new route on a virgin 6670m peak in the Himalayas



Jean-Maurice Dupuis

Our Star



Anne-lise Vacher-Morazzani

Webmaster, communication and logistic manager




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